Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Street Team???

Thinking about joining the street team?

Well if you are here are a few questions that may cross your mind:

  • What do I get out of being on the street team? You have a chance to win dessert and appetizers in restaurant settings, coffee at other venues, sometimes you could even win merchandise!
  • What does a street team do? With my new ReverbNation page i can create missions for individuals to be a part of. I will have the team members post up a Widget (just a small flash application that has a specific task) that has directions to my upcoming shows. ReverbNation will keep track of the widgets my team posts and It will report how often the widget is looked at and clicked.
  • How do I WIN? If the widgets you post drive the most traffic, then you will win whatever the designated reward is!
Those are a few questions that may be on your mind!

My request: BEFORE you commit to anything, i think it would be smart for you to listen to my music... for all you know it may not even be something you wish to support or enjoy listening to. MAYBE you dont like the music... but you are all about WINNING FREE BONELESS WINGS with yummy ranch.... To check it out go here - .

Once you have decided this is something you want to do, whether listening to the music or just deciding you wanna whack at winning the dessert or app - just use the Street Team widget below!!! thanks SO much guys!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Today's Plan

My day went nothing like i expected... The car broke down. I thought all day how much easier this day would have been if the car just fixed itself! I would have saved SO much time and accomplished SO much. Then I think about the days where my car IS working... and i think to myself "when my car is broken i feel like i could have done so much more... when my car is working im too lazy to use it!" Although this may not be entirely accurate, i can definitely see that this is something i need to work on. I am idle when i could be doing something, and when i cant do something i am mad and accuse my being idle on the horrible events that occurred... Anyway I am convicted by my time management... it has now been an entire week since i last played a video game... not sure how dissapointed i am in that... but i will say God has spoken to my heart in so many ways.

Thanks for stopping by :D

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sorry for the Spam!!!

Well guys, thanks for all of your help with the music stuff lately. This is my official apology!


I have been trying to learn how to use this thing called Reverb Nation - its actually pretty cool. Well its been slightly irritating but i am definitely figuring it out! I promise i am going to minimize my RN(ReverbNation) advertisement with irrelevant widgets down to once in the morning and once in the evening. Seriously - I am annoyed with all the spam i have been sending out. There was no other way to learn how to do it than to keep trying! Thanks for everyone sticking through it, even though i am sure that your phones were buzzing of the hook with FB status updates, Tweets and MS updates. I ask for your forgiveness! lol - thanks so much guys!

If you still love me and feel in any way that you wanna share the widget below then please do! Thanks a ton :D

Friday, October 29, 2010

Music Updates!

For all those who would like to know about the music:

Well I am absolutely positive most of you are annoyed at how often I have been posting links to my ReverbNation, which by the way is :D! However, I would like to thank everyone for their support! I am now ranked #5 on the Christian charts in Salem, OR! I am really excited for everything! My new song "The BubbleGum Tree" has been posted there, I hope you all enjoyed it! I will soon be posting a new version of "Peace in War" that is exclusive for all that are on the mailing list! So please join that mailing list! To support the music just keep us in your prayers, or for a more tangible form us support, which is no where near important as prayer, just click the donate link on the right! Anyway, i have widgets and banners that you can post on your facebook, myspace, and blog pages! Thanks SO much for all of your help!

Sincerely, Jamie Harris

Check out music from Jamie Harris


Check out music from Jamie Harris


Check out music from Jamie Harris